Black Border

The main environment of the game includes a chamber into which passengers enter one by one and hand their documents to the inspector in order to be examined. The conversations between the passengers and the inspector form the story of the game.

black border gate

Border Gate

Black Border is the intersection of efficiency and intrigue. You’re an immigration checkpoint officer for a fictional, pseudo-Soviet state in 1996, and it’s your job to vet the foreigners and returning natives who want to cross the border.

sabotage group


Attackers are a mysterious organization in Black Border. It claims the main cause of the organization is to free Alanan from its greedy and corrupt leaders and the inspector must choose either to aid Attackers in its operations or stay loyal to the current establishment and work against Attackers.

black border passport


A passport is a document required to enter Alanan. It is the primary identification document, and all entrants should carry one at all times. Passports carry information about the entrants such as name, sex, date of birth and nationality. The passport cover colors vary depending on their country of issue.

black border games

Mini Games

The mini games are placed in the heart of the main game and it will challenge you! you enter to the mini games by getting passenger’s proposal and you should try to defeat the the rival! the mini games are associated with the several plot that would elevate the excitement of the main game.

black border store

Black Market

You can have a deal with the passengers and buy and sell their goods! Some these goods are not allowed but you will earn a considerable amount of money! Are ready to go against the rule of your country by accomplishing this job?

black border characters


In addition to the characters above, the game also has scripted minor encounters and procedurally generated entrants whose attributes change every playthrough. See separate articles on each day for all scripted entrants and their order.