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Black Market Activities

During the game, some tempting offers are presented to you by different people, offers such as the purchase and sale of illicit commodities, and in case you accept what is offered, you can earn a good income. Acceptance or rejection of the illicit commodities by you will advance the story of the game.

black border characters

Numerous Characters

There are more than 1000 different characters in the game and also 50 characters with independent story which is one of the most important properties of the game. Meanwhile two opposition groups with weird costumes make interesting part of the story.

sabotage group

Opposition Groups

Opposition groups are a mysterious organization in Black Border. It claims the main cause of the organization is to free Alanan from its greedy and corrupt leaders and you must choose either to aid opposition groups in its operations or stay loyal to the current establishment and work against opposition groups.

black border passport

Document Control

The passport is a mandatory document to enter the Alanan country which all passengers should give it to the responsible of gate. In continue, according to events will happen in country, passengers need more documents and this makes control of documents become more sophisticated for you as the inspector.

black border games

Disguise Communication

You as the inspector of the border chamber, can use the specific and hidden methods for communication with opposition groups. To encoding these secret messages, you should be able to play and finish mini games on consoles.

black border store

Black Market

You as the inspector of the border chamber, can have a deal with the passengers and buy and sell their goods! Some these goods are not allowed but you will earn a considerable amount of money! Are ready to go against the rule of your country by accomplishing this job?

black border gate

Inspector’s Environment

You as the inspector of the border chamber, must get to work at specified time to face the challenges. You should manage your life by daily wages, as far as sometimes, you have to co-operate with opposition groups to provide essential living expenses.

Black Border

The main environment of the game includes a chamber into which passengers enter one by one and hand their documents to the inspector in order to be examined. The conversations between the passengers and the inspector form the story of the game.